Critical Issues in Evaluating Educational Outcomes in Nigeria.

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Okafor, N
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Foremost Educational Services Ltd.
Adjustment in life for sustainable development should be focused on how educational outcomes might be effectively assessed or evaluated for global competitiveness. Education stakeholders in Nigeria do not have adequate knowledge of its investment in education. This paper outlined five evaluation models and their inter-relatedness in evaluating social action programmes. The scopes of evaluation classified are outline with the three broad categories of events that must be evaluated. The information required to be collected on the categories are stated. The roles of evaluation are extensively discussed. Ten critical issues that must be considered when evaluating educational learning outcomes are also discussed. The paper concludes with a wake-up call for rigorous evaluation of educational outcomes that should be innovative and relevant in Nigeria education system, and suggested the need to develop additional evaluation tools that could be used to measure students learning of basic skills in computer literacy, collaborative skills acquisition and life-long learning ability.
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Evaluation Models , Formative , Diagnostic , Summative , Placement , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Okafor, N.P.(2009). Critical Issues in Evaluating Educational Outcomes in Nigeria. In U.M.O. Ivowi. (Ed.) Education for Value (First Edition), Lagos, 297-315