Commitment to Science and Gender as Determinants of Students Achievement and Practical Skills in Physics

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Ogunleye, B.O.
Babajide, V.F.T.
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This study is premised upon the conception that students are less committed to science as well as the yet to be resolved issue of gender difference in science education. The study therefore investigated the effect of students’ commitment to science and gender on their achievement and practical skills in Physics. Findings showed a significant effect of commitment to science on both students’ achievement (t=2.19; df=328; p<.05) and practical skills (t=2.54; df=328; p<.05). In each case, students with high commitment to science performed better than those with low commitment to science. However, there was no significant effect of gender on both dependent variables (p>.05). Concerted efforts by Physics teachers, School guidance counselors and the students themselves were advocated towards improved students’ commitment to science and consequent high achievement and improved practical skills in physics.
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Students' achievements , Physics , Practical skills , Gender , Commitment to Science , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Ogunleye, B. O. and Babajide, V. F. T. (2011). Commitment to science and gender as determinants of students achievement and practical skills in physics. Journal of the Science Teachers Association of Nigeria, 46 (1), 125-135.