The Clinicopathologic Pattern of Prostatic Carcinoma in Lagos, Nigeria

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Odubanjo, MO
Banjo, AAF
Ayoola, S
Abdulkareem, FB
Anunobi, CC
Olayinka, AA
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North American Journal of Medicine and Science
This is a review of the clinicopathological pattern of prostatic carcinoma in Lagos, Nigeria. The mean age was 68.48 years. 20% of our patients were asymptomatic at presentation, significantly higher than values from most previous Nigerian studies, likely due to an established PSA screening program. This however did not appear to translate to better disease outcomes, likely because radical prostatectomy was not offered as a treatment option for early disease. 68.6% of symptomatic patients presented with lower urinary tract symptoms, and 4.4% had a family history of prostate cancer. The median PSA value at presentation was 58.90ng/ml. Clinical stages II and III disease were most common, 42.5 and 30% respectively. Gleason scores 6 and 8 were the most common (23.3 and 20% respectively). The clinical stage and the age showed the best correlation with disease progression evidenced by increased PSA 2 months after treatment (PSA progression) and metastasis during follow up. The Gleason score also showed good correlation with these parameters while the pre-treatment PSA showed poor correlation, possibly due to the high incidence of urogenital infections and prostatitis in this environment. The incidence of PSA progression and metastasis were 0.35 and 0.54 per patient year of follow up respectively.
clinicopathologic pattern, prostatic carcinoma, Nigeria