Evaluation of speech therapy outcome on patients with cleft lip and palate after surgical repair at LUTH

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Ayelomi, O.I.
Adamson, O.O.
Babatunde, A.A.
James, O.
Adeyemo, W.L.
Ladeinde, A.L.
Ogunlewe, M.O.
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Backgroud: Some patients have persisting speech deficiencies after cleft surgery. Speech therapy is often carried out in order to correct this problem. Aim: To evaluate the outcome of speech therapy in patients following cleft lip and palate surgery. Materials and methods: A retrospective review of medical records of post cleft surgery patients who had speech therapy from July 2018 - July 2019, at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. The following information was obtained: demographics, type of cleft, speech defects, treatment objectives and strategies. Clefts were classified into cleft lip and palate, cleft palate, isolated cleft of soft palate and submucous cleft. A modified Accordi s speech assessment protocol was utilized. Statistical analysis was performed using Pearson s correlation coefficient to evaluate associations and outcomes. Result: Eighteen patients (13 female, 5 male) out of twenty-two were consistent with therapy, aged 4 to 21years, mean age was 8.0 ± 4.4 S.D. Two (11%) fall into Class I, nine (50%) into Class II and seven (39%) into Class III. Most patients above the age of 10years have a class of II or III, there was mild correlation between the age of patients and the Class obtained (correlation coefficient=0.2). Conclusion: Speech therapy improves speech intelligibility in cleft patients after surgery. Better response observed in adult patients may be due to better understanding of placement and techniques.
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Cleft palate , Speech , Defect , Therapy , Surgery , Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY
Ayelomi OI, Adamson OO, Babatunde AA, James O, Adeyemo WL, Ladeinde AL, Ogunlewe MO. Evaluation of speech therapy outcome on patients with cleft lip and palate after surgical repair at LUTH. 13th Annual Scientific Conference, Faculty of Dental Sciences, College of Medicine University of Lagos. 9th October, 2019.(Oral presentation)