Towards achieving scalability and interoperability in a Triple-Domain Grid-Based Environment (3DGBE)

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AZEEZ, Nureni
Azeez, N
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The adoption of grid computing has posed challenges regarding access control, interoperability and scalability. Although several methods have been proposed to address these grid computing challenges, none has proven to be completely efficient and dependable. To tackle these challenges, a novel access control architecture framework, Triple- Domain Grid-Based Environment (3DGBE), modelled on role-based access control, was developed. The architecture’s framework assumes three domains, each domain with an independent Local Security Monitoring Unit and a Central Security Monitoring Unit that monitor security for the entire grid. The architecture was evaluated using the G3S, a grid security services simulator and Java Runtime Environment for implementing the workflows that define the model’s task. The simulation results show that the developed architecture is reliable and efficient if measured against the observed parameters and entities. A further is the reduction in the cost of policy management. This proposed framework for access control has proved to be interoperable and scalable within the parameters tested.
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Authorisation , Grid , Role-based access control , Scalability , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Information technology::Computer science
N.A. Azeez, and I.M Venter (2012) “Towards achieving, scalability and interoperability in a Triple-Domain Grid-Based Environment” 11th Annual Information Security South Africa Conference ISSA 2012 , Johannesburg , South Africa, 15 – 17 August 2012