Awareness of Women about Breast Cancer in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Ojikutu, R.K
Adetifa, F.A
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This study examined the extent of awareness of women in Lagos State about breast cancer. Using a sample of 900 women that were selected using stratified sampling technique from the twenty Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the State, the study focused on questions such as whether respondents have heard about breast cancer, awareness about Breast Self Examination (BSE), practice of BSE, Awareness about clinical breast examination, awareness about signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Data were also retrieved on some demographic characteristics of the respondents, such as age, marital status, educational qualification, religion ethnic group and so on. It was found out that awareness about BSE is generally low in the State and that its level depends on a number of factors such as Educational Qualification, Age, marital status, Religion etc. Expectedly awareness is higher amongst those with tertiary education while it was lowest amongst those who have never been to school. Married women are found to be more aware than other marital categories while women in more urbanized LGAs are found not to mind the examination of their breast by a male oncologist for lumps and other signs of breast cancer. Ethnicity and religion are found to be important variables in determining the level of awareness amongst the women in Lagos State, Nigeria.
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Ojikutu, R.A and Adetifa, F.A (2009) Awareness of Women about Breast Cancer in Lagos State, Nigeria. Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences, Vol.7(1), 78-85pp.