Information literacy for sustainable agricultural development in Nigeria: a case of farmers in Lagos-State

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Ojo, J.O.
Odunlade, R.O
Adedokun, T.O
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Nigerian Library Association
The study examined the informatkn literacy for sustainubl agricultural development in Nigeria: a case offarmers in Lagos-State. Demographi characteristics explored revealed farmers' various sources of agriculturalinformation based on their level of information literacy in accessing agricultural ir(ormation coupled 1-ith the level offarmers' need for capacity building towards sustainobilityof nation I development. Descriptive exploratory survey It'aS used with self-strucneed questionnai 'e-hased . urvev of selected vegetable farmers. A sample of J 50 vegetablefarmers engaged in agriciltural activities was selected jar the study using disproportional stratifiedand purposive . ampling techniques. Some local government areas were selected purposivelyfrom the Three senatorial districts in Lagos state namely Lagos West (Iyana -Gba), Lagos East (Ikorodu) and Lagos Central (Ogudu). Descriptive statistical tools offreqvency, percentage. rank. mean. standard deviations were used to analyze the data. Pearson product moment correlation was used to explore the relationships existing among the dependent and independent variables and Generalized Linear Models (GLM) was used to determine the significance and contributions of demographic factors to information literacy of farmers and farmers' need for capacity building towards sustainability of national development. Findings revealed that agricultural development for national sustainability will depend 011 manners' ability TO make use of information communication technology through the use of internet as yardstick and tool for information agricultural sourcing. improving on their information literacy to an appreciable level. Recommendations lrere based on the need for farmers to develop (heir capacity building in management for effective marketing. technology know how that will enhance their jobs beyond The present scope.
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Vegetable farmers , Information literacy , National development , Local government area , Sustainability , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Other social sciences::Library and information science
Ojo, J.O., Odunlade, R.O. and Adedokun, T.O. (2020). Information literacy for sustainable agricultural development in Nigeria: a case of farmers in Lagos-State. Journal of the Nigerian Library Association, Vol.53(2), 23-36p.