Desirable Teacher Attributes As Perceived By Significant Actors in Lagos State Secondary School System.

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Ofo, E.J
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University of Lagos
The purpose of this study was to determine desirable teacher attributes as perceived by administrators, teachers and pupils. The study was justifiable in the sense that most educationists and policy makers in Nigeria focus attention on the teacher, in various attempts to improve the quality of education.The Descriptive Research Design was employed. The stratified random sampling techniques were employed in the selection of the fifteen participating secondary schools in Lagos State. The study was based on a sample of 600 subjects made up of sixty-four school administrators, 236 secondary teachers and 300 secondary school pupils. The administrations were randomly selected from the fifteen Schools Management Committees, while the teachers and pupils were randomly selected from fifteen secondary schools all in Lagos State. The administrators, teachers and pupils responded to the Good Teacher Questionnaire (GTQ) designed for this study. After the validation of the instrument by experts in education, reliability was established by using a comparison of the odd/even groups of scores, which was corrected by Spearman Brown Prophecy Formula, in the pilot study. The quesionnaire items were further exposed to factor analysis to further establish their validity. The questionnaire items were scored on a four-point scale. The subjects' responses to the questionnaire were analysed showing frequency counts, mean, standard deviation, variance, the rank order, and percentage distribution. The statistical techniques employed for the analysis of data were the t-test, F-Ratio (ANOVA), and Pearson Product Moment Correlation. Test of significance was at 0.05 critical level. Analysis of research data resulted in the following findings and conclusions: 1. Expertise factor was rated higher than the other four test factors-interpersonal relation, physique, emotional/attitudinal factor and community relation. 2. Nineteen items were constantly rated by the three groups of respondents as excellent teacher attributes, although differences occurred in the rank ordering of the nineteen items. 3. Group differences occurred in the perception of what should be desirable teacher attributes by administrators, teachers and pupils. 4. There was no significant difference between male and female administrators, teachers and pupils' perception of desirable teacher attributes. A significant difference only occurred in the perception of factor "physique" by the teachers' group. 5. There was significant difference in the perception of desirable teacher attributes between graduate teachers with teaching qualification, and graduate teachers without teaching qualification 6. A non-significant correlation was found between administrators' and teachers' length of teaching experience and their perception of desirable teacher attributes.7. There was no significant difference between rural and urban teachers/pupils' perception of desirable teacher attributes.The research made some conclusions based upon the statistical findings of this study.Expertise quality is the most valuable aspect of teacher attributes. Teaching as a profession needs a sort of professional training. Knowledge of subject matter is not enough to determine who should be a teacher. It must be supplemented with other professional skills. Age and teaching experience do not make an effective teacher, rather it is the quality of training that matters. In the light of these findings, it was suggested that: 1. The government or policy makers should set a minimum entry qualification for the teaching profession. 2. The Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) should be re-organized and made to set professional teachers examination which must be passed by newly qualified teachers, as it is done by the Nigeria Bar Association. 3. Teachers' promotion should be based strictly on merit rather than on academic qualifications and seniority.4. A Teacher Council which could be responsible for the accreditation, certification,registration, discipline of teachers, and drawing up regulations guiding the teaching profession should be inaugurated without delay. 5. Teachers associations should be given research grants and encouraged to carry out research in areas related to their profession.6. Research findings in education should be made accessible to schools. Finally, similar studies on desirable teacher attributes should be carried out nation-wide to ascertain the authenticity of the findings and conclusions of this investigation.
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Teacher Attributes , Administrators , Policy , Educationists
Ofo, E.j (1988) Desirable Teacher Attributes As Perceived By Significant Actors in Lagos State Secondary School University of Lagos School of Postgraduate Studies Phd Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts 399pp System.