Job Stress and Employee Performance in a Manufacturing Firm.

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Sulaimon, A.
Kuye, O.I.
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University or Lagos Press, University of Lagos, Akoka - Yaba,Lagos.
In the-contemporary turbulent world, the need for Cl study on stress becomes imperative, The foregoing assertion is predicated upon the/act that individuals in organisations are subject to conditions and occurrences that may result in psychological and/or physiological deviations front normal functioning. An investigation was conducted-on the effects of job stress on employee performance, with a sample of sixty-one subjects. out of which four were managers, twenty-five were supervisors, while thirty-two were in the junior worker category. The functional stressors, identified as' having effects on the quality and quantity of output turned out by subjects include: pressure for improved performance, performing dissimilar jobs, inadequate resource and inadequate reward for extra work done, Dysfunctional stressors found to affect job satisfaction, appearance and conduct of employees quality and quantity of work, include: too difficult tasks,and pressure of time on subjects. Inadequate information on job and excessively large workload were both functional and dysfunctlonal stressors to the subjects, Inadequate information on job was found to make job too difficult to accomplish. Subjects were also dissatisfied because of the slow promotional opportunity inherent in the company of study. The need for effective management of stress cannot be over-emphasized. as the negative multiplier effect is doom for the employee and those who work, with him/her and even the organisation as a whole.The major implication of the study the dysfunctional aspects of work need to be addressed. The study can be improved on with larger sample size across organisations. Key w o r d sr r.Io b stress. employee p c rfo rm
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Job Stress , Employee Performance.
Sulaimon,A. & Kuye,O.I (2011) Job Stress and Employee Performance in a Manufacturing Firm.A Journal Established By The Department Of Business Administration,University Of Lagos, Akoka,Lagos,Nigeria.Vol.1,(3),p.136-152.