Resolving the Recruitment and Selection Problem as NP-Hard Problem

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Okewu, E
Haruna, A
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University of Lagos
As organizations increasingly strive to attract and retain high calibre ICT-compliant staff, recruitment and selection is attracting huge attention. This paper classified the recruitment and selection problem as NP-hard problem and applied metaheuristic algorithm to solve it. This is against the background that human resources are germane to the socio-economic transformation of nations. And at the micro level, the role of human resource strategy in achieving set organizational goals and objectives in the most efficient and effective fashion cannot be overemphasized. The University as a human-oriented organization needs a robust resource planning strategy - in this context, an efficient and effective recruitment and selection process to meet its human resource target. This study focused on University of Lagos as case study and applied computational theory in the form of metaheuristic algorithm in a bid to improve on the existing process. We reviewed literature, gathered requirements, designed a system and statically tested the process-correctness of the proposed system. The outcome is a software architecture that is promising in terms of aiding the search for optimal solutions (best candidates) from any pool of job applicants in a timely and cost-effective fashion. This will help university administrators in the uphill task of identifying best-fits and by extension help align the university's human resource strategy with its corporate strategy and objectives. It is hoped that the outcome of this work would transform the way recruitment and selection problem is tackled
Algorithm , Metaheuristics , Optimization , Computational Theory
10th University of Lagos Annual Research Conference and Fair