Approaches to Creativity and Innovation for Future Libraries

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Alabi, A.O.
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Nigeria Library Association
The current challenges and uncertain information landscape, particularly as a result of the changes brought into libraries and library services through application of ICTs has provided the platform for libraries to be creative and innovative. Creativity and innovation are two different but interrelated concepts. Where creativity and innovation are lacking in libraries, it becomes a:dull and lifeless environment and the staff working in such environment will also find their creativity being sapped with no room to create possibilities for future Libraries to thrive. The paper highlights services/products and approaches which librarians in Nigeria, particularly those in academic, public and school libraries can implement to meet the ever changing needs of library users by providing insight into what obtains in some libraries in the United States, Australia and Uganda. This study uses a combination of reliance on observations and personal interaction through on site visit to some libraries in-the United States in June 2012 and literature review of available evidence on personal experiences of some other authors.
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Creativity , Innovations , Libraries
Alabi, A.O (2013) Approaches to Creativity and Innovation for Future Libraries. Compendium of NLA 2013 Conference Papers