UBE and the Mass Media - Striking a 'Gold' Accord

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Popoola, I. S
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"The basic goal of the media is fact-finding and fact-giving", so quipped renowned communication scholar, Alfred E. Opubor. In other words, it is the statutory duty of the mass media, as trustee of the public, to determine what is, and saying that it is; and saying so publicly. The question to then ask is: Could this be said to be what the mass media in the country have been doing with regard to the implementation of the Universal Basic Education Programme (UBE)? What should be the role of the mass media in a democratic, multi-partv Federal State like Nigeria, where the goal of some state authorities under the control of another political party whose goals are at variance with that of the government at the centre is to thwart and frustrate the implementation of federal programmes designed to uplift the people? This is the trust of this paper. To dissect the role of the mass media in the implementation of the UBE scheme thus far and prescribe how the media could strike a 'golden' accord with federal authorities in order that the lofty objectives of the scheme could be realized. The study is to be carried out through Content Analysis method of conducting research.
Communication , Mass media , Universal Basic Education Programme (UBE) , Multi-party , Nigeria , Government
Popoola, I. S. (2002). UBE and the Mass Media - Striking a 'Gold' Accord. Paper presented at the Association for Promoting Nigerian Languages and Culture (APNILAC) 7th Annual National Conference, at Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria