Re-examining teaching as a profession in Nigeria

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Akinsanya, P.O.
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Department of Educational Management, University of Lagos
Teaching as a profession in Nigeria has attracted a lot of criticisms from inception. At this contemporary times, when it should be taken for granted that such debates have been finally put to rest, certain [eatu res and practices in teaching still compel researchers to quenJ if teaching has been fully professiona/ised in Nigeria. This paper, thus, attempts some conceptual clarifications 011 teaching as a profession. It examines the principles and characteristics of a real profession, and tries to si tuate teaching as practised in contemporary Nigerian society wi thin the context of iue considered principles mid characteristics. The writer avers that the present day teaching in Nigeria does not satisfy most of the professional criteria considered, as witnessed in other professions such as medicine, law, engineering, etc. The problems militating against the full professionalization of teaching in Nigeria were analysed and some recommendations were made sucu as fostering a pragmatic synergy between Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (fRCN) alld Teachers' Unioll for collaboration on such issues as training of teachers, teaching practice, internship, certification, registration, accreditation alld other important issues relatlllg to full professionalizatton.
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Teaching , Profession , Contemporary Nigeria , Principles and characteristics of a profession , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Akinsanya, P.O. (2017). Re-examining teaching as a profession in Nigeria. Lagos Journal of Educational Administration and Planning, 5(1), 68-79.