Religion and national values: reflections on some aspects of basic education curriculum in Nigeria

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Akinsanya, P.O.
Okpokpo, E.M.
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This paper attempted a critical reflection on the new national curriculum for basic education in Nigeria. It examined the status of religion in the previous curriculum vis-a-vis the new curriculum which merges two dominant religious studies with civic education, social studies, and security education into one subject labelled – Religion and National Values (RNV). The writers discovered, among other things, that religion has become a mix bag of blessings and curses in Nigerian society. It was also discovered that the old curriculum reflected much of indoctrinations, breeding religious ignorance and intolerance. The new curriculum, on the other hand, is found to be inclusive and embracing, and takes into cognizance the pluralistic nature of Nigeria. This paper concluded that the new curriculum is capable of helping Nigeria to achieve the desired goal of harmonious and peaceful co-existence, given some little modifications. The paper thus recommended that Nigeria’s educational planners should set up a monitoring team to enlighten the populace and dispel the so- much propaganda against the innovation; and to oversee its implementation in every school (public and private). It also suggested that religious educators should shift from using the approach of ‘learning religion’ to ‘learning from religion’ approach, which could eschew religious ignorance and intolerance from the mindset of the present and oncoming generations
Scholarly article
Akinsanya, P.O. & Okpokpo, E.M. (2020). Religion and national values: reflections on some aspects of basic education curriculum in Nigeria. UNESWA Journal of Education, (UJOE), 3(1), 18-28.