An Appraisal of Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Colleges of Education

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Ogunniyi, M.B.
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Ikere Journal of the Science Teacher
Problem solving sine qua non for mathematics. The teaching and learning mathematics is a problem solving. Colleges of Education were established to cater for shortages of teachers in primary and junior secondary schools. Mathematics as one of the major subjects suffered a lie of problems going by the output of these colleges of Education nowadays. This paper attempts to identify some of these problems such as the position they occupies in the league of teacher education, sourcing of clientele among bright secondary school leavers and recruitment( admission policy) of students of the programme among others. Upon the facts that the philosophy and objective last of NCE mathematics remain I filled some recommendations were made to ameliorating the pleasant position of thing in the colleges. This includes provision of necessary instruments for academic excellence, formulation of a better commission procedure and the regular training and retraining(via seminar and shops an conferences) of personnel from time to time by these colleges.
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Problem solving , Mathematics , Colleges of Education , Programmes , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Business and economics::Economics
Ogunniyi M.B. (2007): An Appraisal of Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Colleges of Education. Ikere Journal of the Science Teacher. Vol. 1 Number 1. Pp