To End the War: A Global Agenda of Focu-Feminism

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Chukwu, N.
Awelewa, A.
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Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture
Most gender inclined theories are aimed at awareness creation on experiences of women in order to promote their welfare. However, there is contention about the practicability of some of them because of their insensitivity to race and class. The controversy arises from the fact that none of them has the capability to completely tackle oppression against women, because, one which is applicable to a particular woman’s situation in a certain cultural background, might be totally unfeasible to another in a different cultural environment. This contention is what this study perceives as an intra theoretical war, which focu-feminism emerges to end. Focu-feminism argues that women’s oppression varies from one circumstance to another and from one cultural background to another; each woman, therefore, requires to focus on herself and employ an approach she considers most suitable to overcoming oppression of any kind. The aim of this study is to investigate the global feasibility of focu-feminism with a view to ascertaining its applicability to the situation of the African woman. Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter is used for this investigation.
Scholarly article
Chukwu, N & Awelewa, A. (2021). To End the War: A Global Agenda of Focu-Feminism. Studies in Literature and Language. 23( 2) 2021, pp. 49-56