Library Development in Selected Private Secondary Schools in Lagos State

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Zaid, Y.A
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Nigerian Library Association, Lagos State Chapter
This paper investigates the schools in Lagos Sate. It assesses the profile of twenty private secondary schools, the library collections and their organization, staffing, physical whose parents are at the mercy of these private school owners who charge very exorbitant fees. The evaluation was based on the “Federal Ministry of Education and Youth Development minimum standards for school libraries in Nigeria.” The findings reveal that as expensive as these schools are library resources in some of the schools under investigation are largely inadequate and out-dated. The reference materials are inadequate and some of the existing ones are old. Professional librarians are not employed to oversee the affairs of the libraries. Suggestions for improving the library resources and services include better funding, expansion of these libraries, introduction and use of information technologies, employment of professionals and library education.
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Development , Private Secondary School
Zaid, Y.A (2003) Library Development in Selected Private Secondary Schools in Lagos State. Lagos Journal of Library and Information Science. Volume 1(2)