Social Factors in HIV and AIDS Transmission in Nigeria

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Akinwale, A.A
Aremo, M.O
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This paper examines social factors in HIV and AIDS transmission in Nigeria through content analysis of archival materials. Efforts deployed to stop the disastrous consequences of HIV and AIDS remain relatively unsuccessful in Nigeria. The number of persons infected with HIV has escalated despite the high rates of awareness on its prevention. This paper principally revealed numerous root causes of HIV and AIDS transmission. Unfortunately, many of the root causes have not been incorporated with the available measures for controlling HIV and AIDS transmission in Nigeria. Surprisingly, people with high viral load have received priority attention in the provision of anti retroviral treatment for HIV and AIDS, whereas individuals with medium level of viral loads contribute most to the spread of HIV and AIDS. Several social factors fuelling HIV and AIDS transmission were examined within the global threat of the epidemic. Therefore, the management of HIV and AIDS transmission must extend beyond abstinence, being loyal to one sexual partner, condoms’ use and antiretroviral drugs. Additionally, culturally nuanced and socially constructed innovative strategies should be brought forward to prevent HIV and AIDS transmission.
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Prevention , Agency , Transmission , Virus
Akinwale, A.A and Aremo, M.O (2010) Social Factors in HIV and AIDS Transmission in Nigeria. African Journal for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Vol.13 (2), 244-265pp.