The Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease in the Lagos State, Nigeria.

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Ojikutu, R.K.
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The analysis, which examines the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (ICD 9: 390-459) in Lagos State of Nigeria, was based on records obtained from the register of deaths in four Local Government Areas of the State. The result shows that there is general increase in death rates due to cardiovascular diseases over the five year period (2000- 2004). It was also discovered that the Proportional Mortality Ratio (PMR) for cardiovascular disease was elevated in men (PMR =103; 95% CI= 96 – 110) while there was deficit in female deaths (PMR=98; 95% CI = 91 – 104). The highest cardiovascular death rate was recorded among those in the 60 – 70 years age bracket. The PMR in that group is also the highest (PMR=139; 95% CI=123 – 155) among the various age groups. Data on seven occupational categories show elevated mortality with workers in private sector (PMR=135; 95% CI = 61 – 238) and Civil Servants (PMR=132; 95% CI=109 – 157) recording the highest in that order while highly significant deficit was recorded among students (PMR=76; 95% CI = 60 -95)
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Cardiovascular disease , Mortality Rates , Expectancy Ratio , Gender Differentials
Ojikutu, R.K. (2009),The Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease in the Lagos State, Nigeria. Ghana Journal of Development and studies, vol.6 (2).