Africa and the World : Globalizing Inequality

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Jegede, S.B
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Globalization and Globalism, its Philosophy, seem attractive on the surface, especially when one considers that Man, by nature, is a gregarious animal. The increasing connectivity, interdependence, universal cooperation and expansion of world trade which Globalization theoretically preaches, can hardly be ignored. However, connectivity, cooperation and interdependence of the states and peoples of the world cannot be successful where there is a glaring inequality of status. In a world divided into developed and underdeveloped countries, we wonder what is being globalized. In view of the above, this paper argues the position that African countries need to pay attention to developmental issues before any attempt at globalization. Globalization is a world of competition and no one goes into a competition without having the requisite skills or products. Globalizing at this stage of underdevelopment puts African States at a disadvantage, except the developed world decides to trade its development for underdevelopment.
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Development , Globalization , Underdevelopment
Jegede, S.B (No Date of Publication) Africa and the World : Globalizing Inequality