Effective school and individual approaches to student behaviour: an appraisal

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Uzoka, N.E.
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National Association of Curriculum Theorists
All those concerned with educational matters are committed to ensuring that all students attending schools are provided with the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive, balanced and equitable education. The paper attempts La analyse the essence of meeting the needs of inclividual students, those whom teachers regard as the 'most difficult to teach' because or their behaviour, and the needs of the whole - school community. The author adopts a library research approach to the study. The study reveals that a range of interacting factors will affect student learning and behaviour. Some or these factors dwell within the students, whereas others can be traced to an inappropriate curriculum or related to conditions within the learning environment. The paper suggests that teachers and the school can dramatically affect the learning and behaviour of their young people.
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Uzoka, N.E. (1999). Effective school and individual approaches to student behaviour: an appraisal. Nigerian Journal of Curriculum and instruction, 8(3), 86-92.