Education and National Unity

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Odofin, B.
Akanni, O.O.
Korede, D. O.
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Journal of Nigeria Academy of Education (JONAED)
This study examined the policy of federal character as basis for admission into unity schools in Nigeria and its consequences on education and national unity. One of the instruments for promoting national unity is quality education. The paper examined critically and objectively, the concept of federal character and its influence on every aspect of our national life, especially education. The study used the cut-off marks released by the Federal Ministry of Education for admission into Unity Schools in 2013.~',Afteranalysis of the findings of the paper, the loop-sidedness in the admission policy of unity schools was discovered. The paper recommended the need to review the federal character policy as it has outlived its usefulness, the need to raise the bar of education in the, so-called educationally disadvantaged' states and the need to promote competence and excellence in the quest for national unity.
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Unity Schools , Federal Character , Education , National Unity , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Odofin, B., Akanni, O.O & Korede, D.O (2014).Education and National Unity (A Case Study of Unity Schools and Federal Character Policy in Nigeria). Journal of Nigeria Academy of Education (JONAED), 10(2). 105-116