A Study of the Behaviour of Drivers at T Junctions

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Folarin, B. A
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Observation of the behaviour of 1,406 drivers at T junctions were made by pairs of final year Psychology students at twelve different locations in Lagos under my direction The frequencies of the observations showed that there was a significant relationship between type of driver and the behaviour of drivers at T junctions. A higher percentage of private drivers compared to commercial drivers trafficated at T junctions, obeyed traffic lights and looked at the main road before emerging from the side street. This was attributed to their ownership of the vehicles and the resulting cautiousness on the road, higher value of life, increased perception of hazardousness of traffic violations, knowledge of driving rules and regulations, less time pressure on them and well maintained vehicles resulting in functioning of information-giving parts like the trafficator. The finding that a higher percentage of drivers trafficated at T junction confirmed Ugwueghu "s. (1977) finding. There was a greater reduction in the percentage of commercial drivers who obeyed traffic lights in light traffic condition than private drivers. This shows that although both sets of drivers perceived disobedience of traffic lights as less hazardous in a light traffic situation than a heavy one, there was not much violation of the rule by private drivers. This reflects their cautiousness, knowledge of the driving rules and awareness of their importance. The private drivers can be assumed to be more intelligent than commercial drivers. A low percentage of commercial drivers looked at the main road before emerging, even when the traffic is Light, and there was no time pressure on them. This reflects their lack of knowledge of driving rules or refusal to conform to them. This study has highlighted the need to have proper formal driving schools for training drivers in the skills and rules of driving. This will reduce accidents a lot.
Transportation , Traffic rules , Commercial drivers , Private drivers , Traffic rules - observation , Traffic offence
Folarin, B. A. (1996). A Study of the Behaviour of Drivers at T Junctions. Paper presented at the Seventh Annual Conference of the Environment, and Behaviour Association of Nigeria Edo State University (Ambrose Ali University) Ekpoma, Nigeria