Strength and ductility of forged 1200 aluminum alloy reinforced with steel particles

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Adeosun, S.O.
Oyetunji, A.
Akpan, E.I.
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Nigerian Journal of Technology (NIJOTECH)
Strength and ductility responses of forged AA1200 aluminum alloy reinforced with steel particles have been studied. Steel particles of sizes 106, 181, 256, 362 and 512μm were separately added to the aluminum alloy to produced cylindrical shape samples, which were homogenized at 4200C for 10 hours, further processed through upset forging at 320C and finally annealed at 4700C for 8 hours. Results show that forged composites with 106μm had a tensile strength of 280MPa and ductility of 1.75 after 10 percent reduction and subsequent annealing. With 50% reduction and fine-sized steel particles (512μm) in aluminum alloy, tensile strength dropped to 160MPa without significant decrease in ductility (1.7). Microstructure of cast samples show the presence of fine Fe particles at grain boundaries after annealing with most of the particles in solid solution. Al3Fe and AlFeSi intermetallics were also present in the matrix with significant influence on the mechanical properties.
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Aluminum Alloy , Annealing , Ductility , Strength , Iron particle , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Adeosun, S. O., Oyetunji, A., Akpan, E. I. (2015). Strength and ductility of forged 1200 aluminum alloy reinforced with steel particles. Nigerian Journal of Technology (NIJOTECH), 34:(4) 710 – 715