The Representation of Women in Nigerian Theatre:

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Ezenwanebe, O.C.
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The paper is an evaluation of the various forms of representation of women in Nigerian theatre and of the methods used by the playwrights ill representing them, This is aimed at examining the response of Nigerian theatre to the glaring issues of injustice and oppression against women in the society. In order to achieve the above aim, the roles of significant female characters in some selected Nigerian stage plays of Wole Soyinka, J.P Clark, Ola Rotimi, Zulu Sofola, Femi Osofisan, Tess Onwueme', Bode Osoyin, Hope Eghagha, Ahmed Yerima etc will be analysed to find out in whose favour and for whose betterment the characters fight for. Often the characters are made to fight for a general humanist concern or worst still to maintain and perpetuate the traditional practices that oppress them. The argument in this paper is that for a sustainable development of theatre in the present democratic dispensation, theatre must respond to the groaning of Nigerian women under injustice and social oppression as well as their quest for freedom. Nigerian theatre has done well in asserting the dignity of African and consequently Nigerian culture, it is equally doing well in peaking for the masses by repudiating the excesses of men in power, it can equally do the same for women. The task should not be left in the hands of Playwrights (who are mostly women) and theatre artists.
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Theatre , Women Development
Ezenwanebe,O.C. (2005) The Representation of Women in Nigerian Theatre: An Issue in Theatre Development. A Journal of the Society of Nigerian Theatre Artistes. Vol.8, (1), p. 61 - 74.