National Library of Nigeria: Objectives, Functions, Achievements

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Adeniji, A.
Issah, H.S.
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National Library of Nigeria:Objectives, Functions, AchievementsADEGOKE ADENIJI and H. S. ISSAHDefinition of TermsNational LibraryRanganathan defines a national library of a country äs "the library which hasthe duty of collecting and preserving for posterity the written production ofthat country. It is the central Station for the assembling and Service of tboughtenergy".1 For the purpose of this paper the national library shall be the Na-tional Library of Nigeria established by the National Library Decree 1970.Hereinafter, the former shall be referred to äs the NLN, and the latter, theNLD.FunctionsThe Random House Dictionary of English language defines function äs "akind of action or activity proper to a person, thing or Institution". Anotherdictionary describes function äs "the special kind of activity proper to any-thing ... by which it fulfills its purpose, duties, etc."2 Functions of national li-braries, therefore, are such activities which they perform in order to achievetheir objectives. It is the objectives which make the functions proper to the li-braries. The functions of the NLN shall be those enumerated in the NLD1970. Their properness will be discussed later in this paper.ObjectivesAn objective is defined äs something that one's efforts or functions are inten-ded to attain or accomplish - "purpose, goal, target".3 Objectives can be gen-eral or specific. The former is an overall, longterm end result or a series ofidentified accomplishments while the latter is usually an intermediate, short-term end result leading to a general objective.Adegoke Adeniji is Education Librarian and H. S. Issah is Librarian I, University of LagosLibrary, La
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Adeniji, A. Issah, H.S. (1987). National Library of Nigeria: Objectives, Functions, Achievements. Libri, 36(2).