Customers Satisfaction and its Implications for Bank Performance in Nigeria

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Adeoye, B.A
Lawanson, O.I
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Brilish Journal Publishing, Inc.
Satisfaction is the customer's evaluation of a product or service in terms of whether that product or service has met their needs and expectations. Happy and satisfied customers behave in a positive manner. Customer satisfaction is-derived largely from the quality and reliability of your products and services. However, almost every Nigerian bank encounters similar problems in meeting customer's expectation of services and customer satisfaction. It is against this background that this paper tries to evaluate customers' satisfaction and its implications for bank performance in Nigeria using a primary data analysis. Basically this paper adopts both the descriptive and explanatory survey design methods. Consequently, while the paper seeks to describe the characteristics of consumer .behaviour in terms of their satisfaction; it does not ignore the explanation of the behaviour of customers vis-a-vis its determinants and effects on bank performance in Nigeria. Findings from the paper show that customers enjoying electronic banking services are still not satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the services. This is expressed in the number of times customers physically visit banks and length of time spent before such services are received. The paper concludes by suggesting that they should improve their service delivery to justify the benefits of electronic banking products and services. This way, customers' interest would be aroused.
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Customer Satisfaction , Bank Performance , Consumer Behaviour , Electronic Banking
Adeoye, B.A and Lawanson, O.I (2012) Customers Satisfaction and its Implications for Bank Performance in Nigeria. British Journal of Arts and Sociol Sciences, Vol. 5(1)