Bureaucracy: A Tool for Scuttling Application of Innovative Ideas in the Nigerian Public Service

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Maduabum, C.
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It could be argued that Bureaucracy and Innovation are inextricably linked in that organizations that are desirous of survival and growth particularly in a turbulent environment requires the application of both concepts. For instance, whereas bureaucracy introduces specialization, structure, rules and regulations, , rationality and partial democracy amongst others, innovation brings about positive changes that quite often assist in surmounting impediments in the quest for growth. In practice however, reverse sometimes appears to be the case. In the Nigerian Public Service, for instance, superior officers employ the same bureaucracy as a means of scuttling the application of innovative ideas especially where such ideas emanate from their subordinates. Thus perceived, this article proposes a provision of opportunities for superior and subordinate officers to be similarly exposed to sources of acquisition of innovative ideas as a means of gaining the support of superior officers during the application of such ideas. In addition, opportunities could be created for innovators to occupy leadership positions where they will possess the authority to diffuse such ideas down the line.
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Bureaucracy , Public service , Innovative idea , Application , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Political science
Maduabum, C. P. (2014). Bureaucracy: a tool for scuttling application of innovative ideas in the Nigerian public service. International Journal of Public Administration and Management Research, 2(2), 11-21.