Replacement value of Maize with ripe and unripe Plantain peels in the diet of Juvenile Catfish (Clarias gariepinus Burchell, 1822)

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Sobaloju, S.
Aderolu, A.Z.
Lawal, M.O.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ilorin. Nigeria
This study investigated the growth performance, histometry, haematology and economy of production of Clarias gariepinus juveniles fed graded levels of plantain peels meal. Six iso-nitrogenious and isocalorific diets with graded levels of plantain peels (5%, 10% and 15% for both ripe [diets 2, 3 and 4] and unripe plantain peels [diets 5, 6 and 7]) were fed to C. gariepinius for eight weeks. Feeds were fed to triplicate groups of 10 fish per tank twice daily to satiation for 8 weeks.The control diet (0% plantain peel inclusion) had the highest average weight gain (90.94 ± 2.84 g) while diet 2 recorded the least value (62.85 ± 5.0 g) and this differ significantly (P < 0.05) in both the diets of ripe and unripe plantain peels. Similar pattern of results were obtained for average daily gain (ADG) and specific growth rate (SGR). The protein efficiency ratio (PER) showed significant differences (P <0.05) across diets, the best value (3.04 ± 0.14) was recorded for diet 7, while diet 4 had the least value (2.07 ± 0.13). There were no significant differences (P > 0.05) in fish organs and haematological indices, however, significant differences (P <0.05) were recorded in feed intake, profit index and incidence of costs across diets. Profit index had the highest (5.75 ± 0.20) and least values (3.58 ± 0.14) in diet 7 and control diet. Though the control diet had the highest weight gain, but from the results of the protein efficiency ratio and the economy of production values recorded in, diet 3 (10% ripe plantain peel) and diet 7 (15% unripe plantain peel), it suggests that, plantain peel either ripe or unripe could be used to replace some maize at the above inclusion levels without any detrimental effects on fish health and economy of production in the diet of C. gariepinus.
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Plaintain peel , Maize , Performance , Economy , Clarias gariepinus , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES
Aderolu, A.Z., Lawal, M.O. and Sobaloju, S. (2016). Replacement value of Maize with ripe and unripe Plantain peels in the diet of Juvenile Catfish (Clarias gariepinus Burchell, 1822). Journal of Agricultural Research and Development, 15(1):24-35.