An Examination of Work-Family Conflict Among Women.

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Anyama, S. C.
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Association of Professional Counsellors in Nigeria
Work-family conflict is a form of inter-role conflict in which the role pressures from work and family domains are mutually incompatible in some respect. In the present day Nigeria, many women are in the workplace because they have acquired education that qualified them for employment despite the fact that society expects them to equally be wives and mothers. This paper examined the women dimension of work-family conflict which has important considerations in analyzing the causes and consequences of work-family conflict among women. Oftentimes, many women experience some challenges while trying to balance their expectations as career women vis-a-vis wives and mothers and when they are not able to strike the expected work-family balance it could lead to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and self pity. Thus, the knowledge of work-family conflict among women is important for organizations, individuals and society at large because it is associated with increased absenteeism, low turnover, poor performance with attendant physical and mental health issues. It is therefore recommended that there is urgent need for workplace counselling aimed at helping women to acquire skills for self-awareness and cognitive restructuring to cope effectively with the challenges that may arise from the workplace which in turn may affect their family well-being.
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Anyama, S.C. (2018). An Examination of Work-Family Conflict Among Women. In N. Osarenren, M. Omoegun, O. Aluede & K. Kpanja (Eds): Issues in Professional Counselling. Lagos: Official Publication of Association of Professional Counsellors in Nigeria, 249-256. Nigeria