Pre-Service Education Chemistry Undergraduates' Awareness of Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Nigerian Senior Secondary

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Okafor, N
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Department of Science Education, University of Nigeria, Nnsuka.
The study examined the pre-service education chemistry undergraduates' awareness of entrepreneurial opportunities embedded in the four thematic areas of the SSS chemistry curriculum across the three cohorts of 200, 300 and 400 levels respectively. It determined the extent to which their modes of admissions (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations {UTME} and Direct Entry) and .years of teaching experiences contributed to their awareness of such opportunities. Three hypotheses guided the study. It was an ex-post facto research design that involved a sample of 132. Chemistry Curriculum Entrepreneurial Opportunities Ratings (CCEOR) was used in data collection. Data was analyzed using One-way Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) and One-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The results show that Chemistry of life had the highest mean score while Chemistry and Industry had the least mean score. The practical applications of the concepts in the four thematic areas of the curriculum was better known to the 300 level cohort, followed by 400 level and the least was 200 level cohort. In addition, UTME pre-service education chemistry undergraduates had higher mean scores than the Direct Entry undergraduates in the chemical world; chemistry and industry and chemistry and environment respectively. Also, pre-service education chemistry undergraduates with more than four years of working experience had the highest mean score in chemistry and industry. The study concludes that science education stakeholders should focus attention on building education chemistry undergraduates' capacity and pedagogical content knowledge especially in the application of teaching principles and skills to be self-reliant and self-sufficient for reduction of unemployment to the barest minimum. It recommends that undergraduate education chemistry lecturers should ensure that students are adequately equipped with the desired entrepreneurial skills and knowledge and its application in meeting the societal needs of creating employment and wealth.
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Direct Entry , UTME , Work experience , 200-400 levels cohorts , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Okafor, N. (2013-2017). Pre-service education chemistry undergraduate awareness of entrepreneurial opportunities in Nigerian senior secondary school chemistry curriculum. African Journal of Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (AJSTME). 3(1), 22-32. Journal of the Department of Science Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka,