A Growth Patterns of Nigerian Primary School Age Children: Implications for Sports Participation

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Amusa, L.O.
Blade, L.
Agbonjimi, A.P.
Akintunde, G
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The primary school age children exhibit a number of interesting anthropometric characteristic which have significant implications for sports participation. This study examined the growth patterns of primary school children aged 5 to 12 years in four fee paying primary schools in Ibadan. Total samples of 1074 children consisting of 548 boys and 536 girls across the age groups (5-12 years) were studied.The physical and anthropometric variables of age body weight, standing height, sitting height and leg length were measured on all the subjects.Descriptive statistics of range, mean and standard deviation were employed to analyze the data. The results show an increase in age-weight, age-height, age-sitting height and age-leg length of the two sexes for 5-12 years. The weight by sex, height by sex, sitting height by sex and leg length by sex relationship indicated a similar pattern for all ages. Significant differences were found in standing height sitting height, leg length and weight variables between boys and girls from 10 to 12 years old. The implications of these growth and maturing patterns for sports performance among the different age groups are highlighted.
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Primary school , Children , Sports participation , Health education
Amusa, L. O., Blade, L., Agbonjimi, A. P. and Akintunde, G. O., (1993). A Growth Patterns of Nigerian Primary School Age Children: Implications for Sports Participation. Journal of Nigerian Association of Sports Science and Medicine. Vol. 5, 20 – 27pp.