Providing Necessary Economic Infrastructures for Small Businesses:

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Owualah, S.I
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This paper asks what contemporary economies; what constitutes economic infrastructures for small firms; and whose responsibility it is to provide them and to what extent they have been or are being provided in many countries. It finds that government has a responsibility to provide relevant economic infrastructure but suggests there is doubt whether actual implementation should also be there direct responsibility. It suggests that less developed countries may have lost sight of their own comparative advantage in harnessing the potential of the small business sector and conclude that these countries can achieve no meaningful or balanced industrial and economic development without due consideration for their small business sector. The paper emphasizes that providing both hardware and software economic infrastructures for small business firms to play their roles effectively should be the responsibility of the government. This is because governments do through their policies obstruct the growth of these firms just as they can stimulate it.
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Small Business Sector , Industrial And Economic Development
Owualah, S.I (1987),Providing Necessary Economic Infrastructures for Small Businesses: Whose Responsibility? International Small Business Journal, Vol. 6, (1), Autumn, p. 10-30