Academic Professionals’ and Developers’ Perception of the Prefab Housing System in Lagos State: A Comparative Study

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Dixon-Ogbechi, Bolajoko Nkemdinim
Adebayo, Anthony Kayode
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Department of Architecture, University of Lagos
Despite all government efforts to the contrary, there has been housing shortages in Nigeria. The prefab housing system, a modern construction method has been used successfully by some nations to overcome this problem. Yet, this system has not been extensively adopted in Nigeria. To encourage its adoption, there is a need to investigate key stakeholders’ perception of this modern construction method. This study adopted the survey research approach to comparatively investigate the perceptions of academic professionals and developers of the prefab housing system with the aim of identifying the key variables that can promote and hinder its adoption so as to formulate appropriate marketing strategies to promote its adoption in the Nigerian built environment. A sample of 250 respondents comprising of 150 academic professionals and 100 developers was selected using the multi-stage sampling approach. The data gathered was analysed using descriptive statistics on the SPSS version 21. The hypotheses were tested at the 5% level of significance using the Levene’s test for equality of variances and the independent samples t-test. It was discovered that built environment academic professionals and developers in Lagos state are equally familiar with and knowledgeable about the prefabricated housing system. And they both have similar views about the factors that could hinder/promote the sustainable application of prefabricated housing system in Lagos State. Hence, in formulating relevant policies to promote the adoption of the prefab system, policy makers need to focus more on strategies that will encourage academic professionals and practitioners to apply this modern construction method.
Academic Professionals Perception, Practitioners Perception, Lagos State, Prefabricated Housing Systems