Planning and development of sustainable cities in Nigeria since Lege: Quo Vadis?

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Amokaye, O.G
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University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Limited
Madam Vice Chancellor, one of the major urban development challenges confronting urban planners and policymakers in the twenty-first century, aside from climate change, is the implication of land use development and planning for environmental sustainability; that is, how to find ways that cities can be developed to respect the natural environment and to improve the human environment such that cities are liveable, functional, cost-effective, decent, secure, inclusive, and pollution-free amidst the problems of population explosion, rapid urbanisation, expansion of the informal sector, poverty, and income and gender inequalities. This is because a functional, decent, and sustainable city is one of the fundamental housing rights, a major aspiration of many citizens, and the major indicia by which the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved, the quality and standard of living of any society can be measured, and life expectancy can be prolonged. According to the UN, cities are assets, solutions, economic and social development drivers. Cities are more than just a collection of structures; they are communities of people with diverse lifestyles. Cities also possess a huge, untapped economic potential that can and should be leveraged to create wealth and economic opportunities for all. This requires good urban planning that supports urban compactness, integration, and connectlvlty," Thus, where' it city is properly planned, the state can control and direct most aspects of the citizens' lives -it can control where we should live and work, where we must shop, how we should travel, the direction of our economy ................
An Inaugural Lecture Series 2023
Amokaye, O.G. (2023). Planning and development of sustainable cities in Nigeria since Lege: Quo Vadis?. An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at the University of Lagos, Akoka, 92p.