Fine Needle Aspiration biopsy cytology in the diagnosis of prostate cancer

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Tijani, K.H.
Adetayo, F.O
Banjo, A.
osegbe, D.N.
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The Nigerian Medical Association
Objective: To assess the efficacy of Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Cytology(FN ABC) in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Patients and Methods: All patients that were admitted for transperineal core needle biopsy of the prostate were also offered trans-rectal fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) as a preceding procedure. The report of the FNABC was then compared with the histopathology report from the core needle biopsy - which was used as the control. Results: 41 patients were involved in the study. All had trans¬ rectal FNAB followed by transperineal trucut needle biopsy. 33 (80.5%) of the FNAB smears were reported as adequate. The FNABC had a specificity of 100% and sensitivity of95.4% and a positive predictive value (PPV) of 100%. The average cost of the FNABC was 130 naira unlike 15,000 naira for the core needle biopsy. Conclusion: FNABC is a cheap and dependable investigation for clinical decision making. Thus, in unequivocal malignant cytology reports, FNABC is reliable in establishing a diagnosis of prostate cancer (Ca-p) and management can be confidently made without resorting to core needle biopsy.
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Fine needle aspiration , cytology , prostate cancer , biopsy , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Surgery
Tijani KH, Adetayo FO, Banjo AF, Osegbe DN. Fine Needle Aspiration biopsy cytology in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Niger Med J 2005;46(4):88-90.