Defects in prefabricated and in-situ constructed buildings

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Edike, U.E.
Faremi, O.J.
Kukoyi, P.O.
Morakinyo, A.
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School of the Built Environment and Civil Engineering, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa.
The problem of housing maintenance has been an inherent issue in Nigeria, with structures getting defective to the point of uncomfortable living and even building collapse. With Nigeria being relatively behind on maintenance practices, the need to acquire and improve knowledge on housing maintenance cannot be overemphasized. This study investigated defects and maintenance challenges associated with prefabricated and in-situ constructed buildings to remedy Nigeria's housing stock. The study was conducted in Ministerial Quarters, Abuja, and the data collection instrument was a structured questionnaire administered to the study area residents on a one-on-one basis. The survey resulted in 64 valid responses. Descriptive statistics and Mann Whitney U Test Rank were used to analyze the data. The study found that both in-situ constructed and prefabricated buildings have some common defects, but the severity varies. Common defects found in both buildings include cracks, fading, and peeling wall paints. The variation in the ranking of defects was demonstrated in all 20 defects presented in the study. However, the variations did not amount to significant differences in the overall occurrence of the defects in both building types. The study recommends that the selection of a generic approach could be adopted in the maintenance of in-situ constructed buildings and prefabricated buildings. Also, a comprehensive approach should be adopted to maintain residential buildings by having an outlined maintenance itinerary for various buildings.
Scholarly article
Edike, U.E., Faremi, J.O., Kukoyi, P.O. and Adesoye, A. (2021). Defects in prefabricated and in-situ constructed buildings. Construction and Human Settlements Management Journal, Vol. 1 (2), 22-37.