We Administer...in their Best Interests

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Oyebade, S.A
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Education is the key to open all doors. It is the process of acquiring new knowledge and can take different forms. It could be formal, informal and non-formal and takes place anywhere - at home, on the street, in the marketplace, in the school setting, in the office place, on an excursion to places of educational interest, and so on. As long as the elements are complete, when a new knowledge is gained as a result of a new experience and leading to a change in behaviour, learning has taken place. The home is the first 'school' the child is exposed to; with parents, siblings and significant others in the family and in the community as resource persons. Hence, it is inappropriate to describe an individual as not educated because education is acquired in diverse forms. This means that certain experiences individuals pass through at different times and places, irrespective of the outcomes, produce a change in behaviour because certain lessons have been learnt.
An Inaugural Lecture 2018 Series
Education , Knowledge , Cognitive , Psychomotor,
Oyebade, S.A (2018). We Administer...in their Best Interests. An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at the University of Lagos, Akoka, 53p.