Cognitive Environmental Sanitation on Health Practices of Secondary School Adolescents

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Akinloye, A.O.
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ERA's Journal of Medical Research.
Literature has shown that knowledge of environmental sanitation helps in the promotion of individual and community health practices. Health education modifies peoples' behaviours such that it can have a great impact on national development. This study investigated the influence of the knowledge of environmental sanitation as it relates to health behaviours of school adolescents in Lagos State. Study adopted descriptive survey research design. Two hundred secondary school adolescents were sampled, using stratified and systematic sampling procedures. Three research hypotheses were tested at 0.05 alpha level. Questionnaire was validated and subjected to the reliability coefficient of 0.77. Data were analysed using Chi- Square statistics. There were significant impacts on 2 2 personal hygiene practices (X = 183.21,, p < 0.05), classroom cleanliness (X = 191.12, p < 0.05) and food hygiene 2 practices (X = 107.21, p < 0.05). There is need for health officials to be visiting secondary schools in order to promote enlightenment on environmental sanitation among secondary school students in Lagos metropolis.
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environmental sanitation , health practices , adolescents , National development , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Akinloye, A.O., (2019). Cognitive Environmental Sanitation on Health Practices of Secondary School Adolescents. ERA's Journal of Medical Research, 6(1).5-9