Development and Changing Impacts of Technology in Human Geography.

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Fasona, M.J
Soneye, A.S.O
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Stanford Lake Publication, Pannnipitiya, SRI LANKA
Technology as a concept encompasses the know-how, techniques and tools that are developed to enhance the process of understanding and solving growth and development systems in the endeavor to improve humankind. Changing trends in technology for geographical studies in the recent past has been particularly phenomenal. In human geography, notions on impacts of technology development and technological changes have proven to be positive on the spatial research traditions especially for data collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination. This chapter is a theoretical discourse of the dynamics in technology and their impacts on geography and with particular reference to human geography. It discusses, with illustrative examples, the effects of high technology toolsets including GIS and spatial analysis, remote sensing, modelling, cartography and GPS for the study and understanding of the earth as an integrated system.
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Geography , Spatial statistics , Remote Sensing , Modelling , Technology , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
J.F Olorunfemi and S.L Tilakasiri (eds): Human Geography: Concepts, Approaches and Trends. Chapter 19, 9415-434