Struggling with economic recession: youth unemployment and crisis of legitimation in Africa

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Rahim, A.G.
Bamidele, W.O.
Babatunde, A.
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Ilorin Journal of Administration and Development
There is growing citizens’ expectations for responsive government that will proffer solutions to developmental challenges such as poverty, deteriorating infrastructure and unemployment among others. In most African countries, government are performing below expectations in some of the aforementioned priority areas, thus, underscoring the basis for growing legitimation crisis. The paper is conceptual in nature and relied extensively on literature review. The paper argued that government inability to develop progressive ideas, responsive jurisdiction, technical capability and effective planning to address the basic expectations of the citizen particularly rising youth unemployment, breeds systems of political deception that further encourage thuggery, hooliganism, criminality and insurgency among other which are natural consequence of legitimation crisis in Africa. The paper concluded that legitimacy is vital for social, economic and political development in Africa. The paper recommended that government should develop proactive policy measure to curtail economic recession in Africa through the promotion of fiscal and monetary policies that will encourage employment opportunity to the teeming unemployed youth.
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Youth , Economic recession , Unemployment , Crisis of legitimation , Africa , Developing nations , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Rahim, A.G., Bamidele, W.O., & Babatunde, A. (2020). Struggling with economic recession: Youth unemployment and crisis of legitimation in Africa, 6(1), 86-97