Utilization of insecticide treated nets (ITNs) among male students of a tertiary institution in Lagos State

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Abiola, AO
Emehinola, OE
Olatona, F A
Sekoni, AO
Moronkola, RK
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Background: Malaria is an eminently preventable, treatable and curable disease. Proven effective options to reduce morbidity and mortality include early diagnosis, combined with prompt effective therapy and malaria prevention through reduction of human‑vector contact, emphasizing the use of insecticide‑treated nets (ITNs). The aim of this study was to determine the knowledge, attitude and utilization of malaria preventive methods among the students residing in Mariere Hostel of the University of Lagos, Akoka. Materials and Methods: The study design was a cross‑sectional descriptive study. Simple random sampling method was used to select the respondents. Pre‑tested, structured, open and close‑ended self administered questionnaires were used for data collection. Data analysis was done using Epi info version 3.5.1 statistical software package. The study was carried out in February 2012. Results: A total of 221 out of the administered 250 questionnaires were retrieved and analyzed giving a response rate of 88.4%. All the respondents were males with a mean age of 20 ± 2.8 years. The mean knowledge score (%) of the respondents was 76.5 ± 3.19. Although, 91.0% of the respondents recommended the use of ITNs to all students, only 31.6% use ITNs. The major reason given for non‑usage of ITNs being that it is uncomfortable (45.3%). There was no statistically significant relationship between socio‑demographic characteristics and utilization of ITN. Conclusion: This study has demonstrated high level of knowledge of malaria and positive attitude towards malaria prevention but poor malaria prevention practice as evidenced by poor usage of insecticide‑treated nets. There is therefore need for more enlightenment campaigns to improve and sustain the knowledge and attitude towards malaria prevention as well as improve utilization of ITNs.
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Insecticide treated nets , Male students , tertiary institution , Utilization , Malaria , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Abiola A.O, Emehinola O.E, Olatona F.A, Sekoni A.O. Moronkola R.K. Utilization of insecticide treated nets (ITNs) among male students of a tertiary institution in Lagos State, Nigeria. J Clin Sci. 2014; 11: 39-43