Optimization of Dual Slot Antenna using Floating Metallic Sleeve for Microwave Ablation

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Nwoye, E. O.
Ibitoye, Z. A.
Aweda, M. A.
Oremosun, A. A.
AnnunobI, C. C.
Akanmu, O. N.
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Elsevier Journal of Medical Engineering and Physics
Backward heating reduction is vital in power distribution optimization in microwave thermal ablation. In this study, we optimized dual slot antenna to yield reduction in backward heating pattern along the antenna shaft with the application of floating metallic sleeve. Finite element methods were used to generate the electromagnetic (EM) field and thermal distribution in liver tissue. The position of the sleeve from the tipoff the probe (z=0mm) was varied within the range 14≤z≤22mm while sleeve lengh;;t was varied within 16≤z≤48mm interval using operating frequency of 2.45GHz. the best optimized design has reflection coefficient of -20.87 dB and axial ratio of 0.41 when the sleeve position was at 17mmand sleeve length was 18mm. experimental validation shows that inclusion of floating metallic sleeve on dual slot antenna for hepatic microwave ablation averagely increased ablation diameter and aspect ratio by 17.8% and 33.9% respectively and decreased ablation length by 11.2%.Reduction in backward heating and increase in power deposition into liver tissue could be achieved by sing this antenna to provide greater efficiency and localization of specific absorption rate in delivering microwave energy for hepatic ablation
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Axial ratio , Cancer , Dual slot , Finite element method , Metallic sleeve , Microwave ablation , Reflection coefficient , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Bioengineering
Nwoye, E.O., [Et...al] (2015). Optimization of Dual Slot Antenna using Floating Metallic Sleeve for Microwave Ablation. Elsevier Journal of Medical Engineering and Physics, Vol.37, 384-391PP.