A Survey of the Status of Nigerian Universities in Curbing Plagiarism

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Oladeji, F
Ajayi, O
Ajetunmobi, R.A
Okunoye, B
Okiki, O.C
Uwadia, C
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University of Lagos
In Nigerian tertiary institutions as at today, most students’ documentations are not subjected to proper archiving. While credible ones are dumped and remain unused most times; thus similar or exact works are replicated by other students in subsequent years or by students from other institutions. Repetition of the same argument, survey, and experiment is tantamount to reinventing the wheels and affects the ability to restructure, re-innovate and contribute to existing models that could aid tackle emerging challenges in the industry. There is a growing public outcry against the dwindling quality of human resources in different industrial sectors particularly as today’s economy is skilled-driven. Creativity starts from personal thinking and personal aspirations to have a change of look or taste of day-to-day events. A scholar who relies on reporting a carbon copied document end up disgracing their Alma Mata as they are unable to complete tasks that require the use of initiative and cognitive skill. This further buttresses the now seemingly common ideology that Nigerian Universities produce half-baked graduates that are unable to think up solutions to industrial problems and thus unemployable. Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) have the potential to solve this challenge. However for ETDs to be efficient an Institutional Repository (IR) has to first be in place, as ETDs are to be housed in IRs. This paper, therefore, reviews the status of ETDs and IRs across Universities in Nigeria as reported in various literature. It focuses on the IR systems in place and some of the challenges experienced while setting up and running these systems.
Plagiarism, ETDs, Institutional Repositories, Archiving, Nigerian Universities
Oladeji, F., Ajayi, O., Ajetunmobi, R., Okunoye, B., Okiki, C., & Uwadia, C. (2016). A Survey of the Status of Nigerian Universities in Curbing Plagiarism. In 11th University of Lagos Research Conference & Fair Proc (pp. 564-572).