Assessment of Maintenance Management Practices in Lagos and Ogun State Prisons of Nigeria

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Farinloye, O. O.
Adenuga, O. A.
Iyagba, R. O. A.
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The prison buildings and facilities on ground are few, in deplorable state and not environmentally friendly compared to the population of its inmates thereby making life in the prisons, too degrading, brutal and dehumanising. Congestion has consequences on the inmates, the prison system and the society. The study assesses the operational state and the factors affecting the maintenance practices. In the course of the study, structured questionnaire were administered to investigate maintenance managers and users, the prison officials in Lagos and Ogun state. Hypotheses relevant to assessment of prison maintenance practices were postulated to ascertain the significant differences in physical condition of prison buildings and the significant factors affecting prison maintenance practices. Data collected were analysed using mean scores, spearman’s rank correlation, and factor analysis. The study revealed that prison maintenance departments are short of staff and of low technical competences. There is a need to build more prison facilities especially for female inmates.
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Prisons , Maintenance management , Reformatory and Rehabilitation , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture::Building engineering
Farinloye, O.O., Adenuga, O.A., and Iyagba, R.O.A. (2010). Assessment of Maintenance Management Practices in Lagos and Ogun Prison. Urban and Regional Planning Review, 2(1), Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Lagos, 82-90.