Glucose and Insulin in amniotic fluid in Nigerian Women

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Ajayi, G.O
Omilabu, S.A
Oshundiya O.O
Adegbola, O.
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Nigerian Society of Endocrinologist and Metabolism
Objective To evaluate the glucose and insulin levels in amniotic fluid and compare with maternal blood glucose levels. Setting: Antenatal patients of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital Subjects: Forty-six pregnant women with indications for prenatal diagnosis had mid or late trimester amniocentesis under ultrasound guidance. The duration of the study was from February 2002 to June 2003 Results: The mean gestational age at amniocentesis was 30. 5+6. I weeks and the mean amniotic fluid insulin was 25.2 + Il .3 micro U/ml. Also the mean amniotic fluid glucose was 55. 5+12.4mg/dl while the mean maternal random blood glucose of 86.2 + 15.8mg/dI. Conclusion: Fetoplacental glucose steal phenomenon may be a common occurrence in our pregnant women, coupled With the fact that fetal hyperinsulinism obtained from this study may account for the supposedly low incidence of detection of gestational diabetes mellitus in our women
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Prenatal diagnosis , Amniotic fluid glucose , Insulin , Maternal blood glucose , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Surgery::Obstetrics and women's diseases
Ajayi G.O, Omilabu S.A, Adegbola,O. & Oshundiya O.O. (2004). Glucose and Insulin in amniotic fluid in Nigerian Women. African Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, 5(1):1-4.