Analysis of Essential Oil from the Stem of Chasmathera dependens.

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Ogunlesi, M.
Wesley, O.
Ademoye, M.
Osibote, E.A.
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Journal of Natural Products.
The essential oil from the stems of Chasmanthera dependens was obtained by hydro-distillation and collected into hexane. Analysis of the oil was carried out on a combined gas chromatograph.mass spectrometer equipped with an HP-5 MS (5% phenylmethsiloxane) capillary column at a temperature programme of 1200C (5 min) increased at 50C /min to 320oC and held for 5 min. Two components n-hexadecanoic acid and oleic acid eluted at retention times 21.413 and 24.308 min respectively amounted to a total concentration of 56.92%. Some other minor components, namely, tetradecanoic acid, 1, 2 benzenedicarboxylic acid butyl-8-methylnonylester, heptadecanoic acid and estra-1, 3, 5(10)-trien-17á-ol, a steroid, were identified. Some of these components have been reported to have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities.
Chasmanthera dependens , Stem , Essential oil , GC-MS , Medicinal properties
2. Modupe Ogunlesi, Wesley Okiei, Morufu Ademoye and Elizabeth A. Osibote J. of Natural Products. Vol 3 (2010), 47-53. Analysis of Essential Oil from the Stem of Chasmathera dependens