Education and Socialization

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Emeri, P.N
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Ibadan: His Lineage Publishing House.
This book chapter deals with education and socialization. A new entrant into any organization may continue to act strange if he or she is not duly informed of his or her expectations. This explains why the “jambites” or “freshmen” in our schools, colleges and organizations are taken through an orientation programme to assist them in settling down. I recall way back as a secondary school science teacher, how I would daily receive countless number of “visitors” into my laboratory of new students who were either missing their way to the school library or the computer room. This is usually during the first few weeks of resumption of a new academic year/session before such new students could internalize the given orientation. In like manner, families do not expect the right pattern of conducts from their new members without making an initial initial input. Even identical twins will continue to differ in the discharge of their societal expectations if they are socialized within different cultural contexts, despite their physical identicality. Each new child born into a family must be taken through a socialization process as socialization is not a hereditary trait. Even when parents maintain the same pattern of socialization in their parenting, the outcome may differ as the children may internalize such differently. This explains why we have conformists and non-conformists within a given family. A criminal who ended up a prisoner may not have all his family members as criminals. Furthermore, a law-abiding child from the home may turn deviant with time due to multiple interaction with other socializing agents with the attendant positive and negative influences on the socializee. Suffice it to say that an individual cannot live above the level of his socialization. The crux of this chapter is hence to give you an exposition on the world of socialization and the role of education in the process.
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Emeri, P.N (2014). Education and Socialization. In A.O. Oni (Ed) Essentials of Sociology of Education. Ibadan: His Lineage Publishing House.