A Commentary of the Role of Multinationals in the Economic Development of Nigeria

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Aiyeku, Joseph F
Farahbakhsh, Massoud
Dixon-Ogbechi, Bolajoko N.
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International Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD)
This paper highlights the impact of multinationals and their marketing on the economic development of Nigeria. In the paper, we aim to arouse interest in what we consider to be a neglected area of marketing and to build on the limited work published so far in this area in Nigeria. Our paper is based on a literature review of the effects of the multinationals’ marketing activities in terms of their contribution to the development of marketing mix elements in Nigeria, as well as their contributions to the economic development of the nation. The practice of marketing ethics and their effects on corruption, which is a cankerworm disturbing the progress of the nation; and the dilemmas they are facing in the dynamic Nigerian business environment. The paper identified some problems and gave recommendations to overcome them. And it is believed that if these recommendations are adopted, Nigeria will benefit tremendously from the marketing effects of the multinationals operating in the country.
Commentary, Role of Multinationals, Economic Development, Nigeria