Challenge Of E-Education In Nigeria.

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Bello, S.A.
Johnson, O.A.
Adedoyin, S.R.
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Though it has been rightly said that what is wrong with 'education cannot be fixed with technology; there is no doubt that modern life is dominated by technology. There is universal recognition of the need to use Information Technology (IT) in education as we enter the era of globalization where the free flow of information via satellite and the internet hold sway in global information dissemination of knowledge. Already, Nigeria is on the wrong side of the international digital divide, as it has not made significant effort to integrate IT into Nigerian educational system. A great deal of instructional and administrative work in Nigeria is still carried out manually. This paper, therefore, examines the major obstacles militating against the use of IT education in Nigeria. It identifies the high cost of computer hardware and software; weak infrastructure; lack of human skills and knowledge in IT, and lack of relevant software appropriate and culturally suitable to Nigeria as the major stumbling block of the adoption of IT in Nigeria. Also, schools in Nigeria are, not getting adequate funds to provide. furniture, relevant textbooks and adequate classroom let alone being given adequate fund for high-tech equipment. At present the cost of subscribing to the internet is too high for many of the impoverished secondary schools in Nigeria. In modern society, Nigeria needs IT to aid teaching and learning and educational management. IT is an instrument for the economic and technological development in the 21st century; therefore, Nigeria cannot afford to be on the wrong of the digital divide.
Conference Paper
Information Technology , Development
Bello,S.A, Johnson,O.A.& Adedoyin,S.R.(2012) Challenge Of E-Education In Nigeria.Being a Paper Presented At Global Conference Of Educational Hilton Ontario, California,U.S.A.